Load testing

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Let us introduce you to LAMIA, a monitored test bench that travels along with your heavy lift project!

The best of it is that soon you’ll be able attend the load tests of your tools without moving, through your computer, thanks to a remote live access that will allow you to be there at every moment without leaving your office.

Load Capacity 

1,000 tons

Admissible Dimensions 

10,000 mm  X  6,000 mm  X  6,000 mm 


Adaptable to different kinds of tools and able to  reproduce different load cases according to real usage conditions.


Take it everywhere, we can dismount it, transport it and assemble it again in 7 days (in a radius of 2,000 km).


We control all variables before, during and after the tests are performed. Safety is first.


Tests will be streamed live Soon!

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