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Kimua Group


KIMUA GROUP is a young enterprise formed by a team of people who have many years of experience and who are highly qualified professionals in the industrial sector. The company's main business activity involves the provision of services and products for lifting, transporting and securing large-scale parts and heavy machinery, or which require fragile handling.

KIMUA GROUP's core strength lies in its highly skilled engineering department which channels and manages the technical enquiries, the manufacturing processes and development of all projects.

KIMUA GROUP has all necessary resources available for designing, manufacturing and supplying our customers with a whole range of turnkey tools and accessories. Our services include assembly, packaging and intermodal transfer of heavy loads.





At KIMUA GROUP we are firmly committed to providing and maintaining the highest standards of quality in all our products and services. To do this, we have the latest tools available for project planning, management and control

After knowing and understanding the customer’s needs, the engineering department starts by figuring out a solution and creates a new project; in that moment a project management methodology is applied on every gate or stage, according not only to internal protocols, but also ruled by the three main principles: Security, Quality and Traceability.

At every stage of a project records on quality monitoring are kept and periodically, client is informed on the status of the project.

KIMUA GROUP undertakes dimensional, functional and finishing inspections in order to ensure the highest quality of the solutions provided before they are delivered; nevertheless, KIMUA GROUP makes available additional services for the correct assimilation of the solution provided once it arrives on site: SAT, Staff Training, Turnkey Operations, Video Tutorials and Backing during assembly, erection and Start-up.



Oficinas centrales

Kimua Group S.L.
Ibaiondo Bailara, 11
20271 Irura
País Vasco (España)
Tlf.: +34 943 691396

Delegación Barcelona

Kimua Group BCN
L. Martin
Project Manager

Kimua Group France

Kimua France SARL
Toki Eder - App.7
13 rue des Eucalyptus
64700 Hendaye (France)
Telf: (+33) 975 128 220

Kimua Group Alemania

Kraftwerk City Accelerator
An der Weide 50ª
Kern 4/3. Etage
28195 Bremen
Telf: +49 (0) 162 482 7681